Difference between Programmer, Developer and Hacker


  • A programmer is an individual equipped with the expertise to write codes.
  • Programmers usually master in a single or multiple programming languages and boast vast knowledge on related areas also.
  • Their roles are relatively procedural and mandate for total concentration not to mention refined skills.
  • A Programmer is someone who can solve problems by by manipulating computer code.
  • A programmer is solely focused both in writing codes as well as getting features appropriately performed so that these features are accessible for integration and later use.



  • Developers are typically creators.
  • A Developer is a formally trained programmer.
  • They don’t just solve problems or create things, but do so in accordance with a set of design and implementation principles.
  • Developers are experts at identifying ways around various problems as well as plugging together components to fulfill some requirements.


  • A hacker is a computer expert who uses his knowledge of computer networking, programming, cryptography, and databases to overcome a problem in the system.
  • A Hacker is someone who makes things.
  • Hackers are more concerned with availing the concept as opposed to minding about the long-term quality.
  • A hacker, as well as hacking, are most useful in dealing with emergency circumstances or when prototyping an item.

– By Chetanya Sharma (3rd Year, Krishna Engineering College)

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