Need a website for your business! Give your worries to V-Geekers

With a team of professionals V-Geekers maintain and build many websites in a staircase manner. First we create the page structure which consists of an area that describes your website at a high-level then a  form to collect all the  information from users who are interested in your product or services provided by you, an in depth description and video of your product or services, images of the product or services in action, create a skeleton view of the page with content but without styling which will act as a prototype.

When the basic prototype of the site is complete we know the sections we require to go with, the information to display in those areas, and where to position it in the overall information architecture. We can now start to build out the site.

Now we create the images and information section which consists of information of the products and services and will contain a little more depth regarding it. It will have a list of features of your products and services and will also contain a images that shows your product or services working for the user because pictures helps in better understanding.

Now its time to give your website a footer to display content such as Terms and Conditions, Disclaimers, and other content that isn’t meant to be in the main navigation or in the main content area of the page. As we have created the outline of your website and identified all the main structural elements. Also we make sure that we have all the relevant information ready and in-place to satisfy your business needs.

Now its time to go live for which we use paid hosting like godaddy, namecheap, etc.

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