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Do you need a website?

You need to market your product. period. Would you prefer whispering about it to every person  possible physically or you rather just put it for display somewhere and simply refer everyone that special place that describes your form of service you provide and your work ethics. Approaching  every other person sounds tedious, not to mention inefficient as well. Can this be solved? Can there be such a place ? Spoiler alert: website.


Why do you need website? 

Necessity of online presence is undeniable even for personal agenda let alone for some company, one at peak or just a start-up. Being the call of the todays time having a website or an app add value to your company in multiple ways. It has developed into a whole component in itself when it comes to considering departments of a business needed to run it. After all, your website is your first impression for the majority of people out there, no doubt you need one!


Why even have one if my company is doing great without it?

Owning a website unleashes another level of exposure for your product. That exposure not only enhance the customer base but also become accessible to more people that helps adding value for your work’s purpose that is much greater than your company or yourself.


Why have one  when I’m just starting out with my company?

What can be better than maintaining your citations from the very beginning that will keep adding to creditability of the start-up as it will grow. Citation means how many times your website has been mentioned on the web.  It increases with time you invest in maintaining your website. So why not let the website be the stepping stone for your start-up.


Why should you let VGeekers take care of it  ?

Now that the importance of existence of website has been discussed another aspect is how significant is the quality of the website. VGeekers ensures that very facet. They are the  epitome of creativity and comply to all requests put forward by the client. A large percent of your audience will make up their mind about creditability of your product by seeing the design only so better give the responsibility on secure hands.


By Shivangi Jha (3rd Year, Krishna Engineering College)

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