Why would anyone need an app ?

In today’s busy world, everyone is well aware of the importance of getting a direct access to the customers for a better establishment of their services.
With rapid adoption of smart phones and tablets, there’s an increase in opportunities for a business to flourish online.
There are more mobile devices of variant models than there’s computer units in the present world. So it’s required to be up to date with the current technology and business trends. The app revolution has begun only a few years ago and e-marketing is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down so the business needs a mobile presence to stay connected with a larger audience.


* Quick access hence no waiting

Instead of standing in queues for longer hours, it’s better to provide an adequate reception to the customers where it only takes seconds to launch an app.

* Gaining trust of customers

Its a key to gain any customer’s trust and a way of showing loyalty as an app increases ur visibility and your business is in front of them just a click away.

Cost efficient

As we are interacting through media, the cost of calls, messages, newsletters, fliers etc gets reduced.

* Increased engagement of customers

Mobile apps quickly connect customers to the business. As it is time saving and more accessable, more people gets connected and take interest.


* Defining the purpose

It should be serving a purpose to provide value. It should be having an agenda to be fulfilled.

* Presentable and easily accessible

Better the appearance, more the attractiveness. There’s no point having an app which a customer is unable to use, therefore an app should be easily accessible too.

* Customer’s requirements and satisfaction

Meeting the costumer’s needs is of the utmost priority. Placing yourself on the customers side and thinking what would be satisfactory for them is the most important thing to be kept in mind.

* User interface

While interacting with the audience through screens we need to make proper arrangements for them to choose their favorable options with least effort.

* User experience and review

There should always be a help service provided within the app for the customer’s queries and taking review is important as it helps in improvisation of the app.

– By Anushka Saxena (2nd Year, Krishna Engineering College)

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